Nic Salts Explained

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Nic Salts Explained

Nicotine Salts are an e-liquid innovation that has significantly enhance the vaping experience for Smokers and Vapers alike!

There are several Nic Salt solutions available in the marketplace. Knowing your nic salts come from the BEST supplier, and having the right formula for your Vaping style makes all the difference in the world!

What exactly are Nicotine Salts, and are they right for you? We have set out to answer those questions here.

Get A 60ml Bottle of Smooth Nicotine Salts for your MOD.

Get A 30ml Bottle of High Strength Nicotine Salts for your POD.

Free Base vs. Salts

Nicotine found in tobacco leaves is bound to amino acids. Extracting nicotine from tobacco leaves through a chemical process separates the nicotine from these amino acids, leaving Free Base Nicotine. Free Base Nicotine is the form used in almost all e-liquids on the market.

Several nicotine manufacturers have developed methods to adjust the PH levels of free base nicotine in e-liquid solutions, creating what are commonly referred to as "Nicotine Salts" (Nic Salts). We discovered Nicotine Salts from Nude Nicotine back in 2016 - and have never found any other supplier that comes close to their level of quality!

Hit, Standard, & Smooth Nic Salts

Nude Nicotine produces Nic Salts in three different versions. All of these are in some way based on existing research that indicates Nicotine Salts impact the user more quickly than free-base nicotine. Each of these different variations also substantially to improve the taste over free-base nicotine in our opinion. 

Hit - Crazy strong and only intended for very low-power POD vape systems. If you've heard of JUUL, this formula delivers the same punch - but with far better taste! Pi E-liquids are the best e-liquid recipes we've found using the hit Nic Salts.

Signature - Sitting in the middle, just right. Slightly less abrasive. than Hit - but packing enough punch to please any smoker, every day! Again - these are not intended for sub-oHm vape devices (MODs). We use Signature Nic Salts in all of our O2pur High Strength Nic Salt recipes!

Smooth - When use right, smooth nic salts make low nicotine strength e-liquid for MOD's smooth and tasty! Overcoming the peppery taste of Nicotine completely and leaving you with a whole new level of satisfaction!

Lower nicotine strengths with Smooth Nicotine Salts for MODs in high VG liquid deliver amazing taste profiles like you've never tasted before.

High nicotine strengths with Smooth Salts for PODs enables low power POD devices to finally deliver on the original promise of Vape: Clean taste, rapid absorption, and immediate satisfaction has old-pro's going back to their roots. Using small, discrete devices and inhaling WAY less fog is a welcome change too many former smokers. As for current smokers...Big Tobacco beware, high strength nic-salts and Pod Devices are coming for you!

Get A 60ml Bottle of Smooth Nicotine Salts for your MOD.

Get A 30ml Bottle of High Strength Nicotine Salts for your POD.

Are Nic Salts right for You?

O2PUR has spent years scouring the globe testing every Nic Salt formula we could find in combination with nearly every flavor on the market. 

We believe that the Nicotine Salts formula's from Nude Nicotine and the many brands they serve deliver the BEST flavor combinations and user experiences. Don't take our word for it though - try some for yourself today!