Will they Regulate your Vape Away? Questions Answered...

Will they Regulate your Vape Away? Questions Answered...


Federal regulations of the Vape industry have existed for several years now, but it seems like Vape products are common and easier to access than every before, WHY?

Answer (simplified):

Congress passed the laws granting the FDA authority to regulate the Vape industry. With full regulatory authority, the FDA has to make new RULES, and then ENFORCE those rules.

In 2016 the FDA published the first set of rules to be followed by the Vape industry, with deadlines for compliance with each rule. A few of those deadlines have now passed, and compliance with these rules should be getting enforced. These include a ban on sales to minors, child safety caps on all bottles of liquid, registration of all products with the FDA, and a listing of ingredients provided to the FDA. Of course none of these restrict the Vape industry from serving millions of former smokers, so what was everyone so worried about?

We were worried about the rule requiring a PMTA (pre market tobacco application) to be submitted to the FDA in August of 2018 for every single product on the market. Some experts projected expected each PMTA to cost upwards of $1 million, which would wipe out 99% of the products on the market as even the smallest companies have dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of products. 

Thankfully, at the beginning of this year the FDA extended the deadline for PMTA compliance 4 additional years, into 2022, and proposed ideas to streamline the PMTA process to make it affordable for companies of all sizes. Hence the current Vape industry environment with more choices and better access than ever!



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