JUUL - what's the big deal?

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JUUL - what's the big deal?

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  • What is JUUL?
  • Why is JUUL so popular?
  • Is JUUL the Best?

Vape technology has evolved into two main-stream categories, MODs and E-cigs. Generally speaking, MOD's are larger, high powered devices that produce large clouds, usually with lower nicotine concentration. E-cigs are smaller, low power devices that produce small puffs with higher nicotine concentration. JUUL is the most popular E-cig on the market today, with an estimated 50% market share.

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 JUUL's rapid rise to the top could be attributed to many factors. It could be that the actual device itself is charged via a magnetic USB charger that makes it look like a small USB drive when attached to a computer. It's very discreet, and in turn extremely popular on High School Campuses.

It could be that they were the first major brand to use Nicotine Salts (Nic Salts) in their e-liquid cartridges. Nic Salt is the Vape industry term used to describe Nicotine that has been bound to Amino Acids to create better flavors at higher nicotine strengths. JUUL PODs contain 5% Nicotine and still taste decent thanks to Nic Salts - Extremely rare when they were introduced several years ago.

 Here are some other interesting JUUL Facts:

  •  JUUL Starter Kits are plastic, cost $35, and don't come with e-liquid
  • JUUL batteries only last a few hours and can not be used and charged at the same time.
  • JUUL Pods are not re-fillable, leaving us with mediocre tasting e-liquid that only comes in one strength - 5%
  • JUUL PODs are sold in packs of 4 that contain 3.2ml of e-liquid. Each pack cost $16.00 each - that's $5.00 per ML...can you imagine paying the equivalent of $600 for a 120ml bottle of E-liquid!!

Many Adult Vapers would love to have an AFFORDABLE vape with great taste and nicotine satisfaction, without blowing huge clouds or having to tote around a massive MOD & giant E-Liquid Bottle. 

Fortunately for us, JUUL is NOT the best solution (in our humble opinion). There are actually several Amazing, New, Low-Power Devices. The Smok Tech Rolo Badge is Small (fits in the palm of your hand), Durable (solid stainless), Long-Lasting (250mAH battery with pass-through USB charging), and Affordable (under $30).

Better yet, Rolo Badge Pods are re-fillable, opening up a world of Great Tasting Nic Salt Flavors that come in multiple Nic Salt Strengths (2.5% - 5%) for less than $1.00 per ML!

If you're not worried about hiding your Vape from your Home-Room Teacher, and need an on-the-go, discreet Vape. Or you want a low maintenance All-Day-Vape (like me), you're going to love the New Pod Systems and Nic Salts that are taking the industry by storm!


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